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    Mat/22/Canada (Quebec)

    Post  Bey on Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:44 am

    I saw your post on the forums and decided to give it a go.

    My name is Mat, im from Quebec, I own a 42 blademaster which I play pretty much everyday on.

    IGN : Beyx

    I quit a couple month ago for various reason, mainly because i had to focus on wow for a bit to secure my R1 title at the end of S7 so i could sell my account for a good amount, and that I was playing alot of SC2 during beta and still playing it regulary at the moment.

    I've been part of competitive high end guild / teams in all game I ended up playing and was looking for something similar in this one. PM me ingame whenever for more information.
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    Re: Mat/22/Canada (Quebec)

    Post  Heart Breaker Forever on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:55 pm

    Hey there and welcome to our guild. Slim, OMGTHEEND, or myself will add you ASAP. I already have you added to my friends list on DFO and will be seeing when you are on.

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