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    Newbie in Need of Critques



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    Newbie in Need of Critques

    Post  endingshadows on Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:33 pm

    Hey all, I'm Ending and I'm pretty new to the game and to the guild. I've been playing DFO for about a week now, so I've been experimenting with a couple of different classes. Fighters seem to tickle my fancy the most.

    Anyway, I love to PVP in most mmos, and this one is no different. I'm considering building a pvp Nenmaster because they seem to have more utility than the other Fighter subclasses because their abilities have the potential for varied uses. So, I created a PVP Nenmaster build and it would be great to have someone look at it and tell me what they thought.

    Note on Thunder Suplex: I've read around Nenmaster forums and Thunder Suplex seems to be a controversial skill. Some say it's a need-to-have nuke; others say the opportunity cost of SP is too high. I followed the latter and placed the SP points into Magic Critical Hit since Nenmasters can combo their magic attacks pretty decently (because of electrocution). Although Thunder Suplex is strong, I figured
    Let me know what you guys think!
    (And sorry for the long winded post)

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    Re: Newbie in Need of Critques

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