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    Post  avzool on Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:57 am

    Hello everyone.
    My name is Chris. I'm 24 years old.

    Off time i do play tons of games when im in the house.(nothing else to do really) I have tons of games I do play other games like guildwars, star craft2 League of Legends, but i try to get on dfo on the daily basis or at least to talk to my friends.

    I like this guild just off the other forum post. I like the word "mature". not just saying age wise. just the way you act.


    IGN: avzool lvl 40 summoner
    KnoTaGirl lvl 14 F.gunner
    kill4u lvl 27 striker
    IbeWitchU lvl 1

    msg me anytime when you need help i'm surely will help anyway that i can. SO just ask. Sometimes i can get quiet but bare with me lol lol!

    Hope to play with you guys soon

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