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    Gaea Crasher (Hell weapon) just for fun


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    Gaea Crasher (Hell weapon) just for fun

    Post  Madong on Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:13 pm

    Gaea Crasher

    grade : exceptional
    class : fighter
    type : gauntlet
    - Untradable
    LV : 50
    weight : 2.9kg
    Str : +29
    evil resistance : +25
    atk spd : slow
    phy. attack : +665
    mag. attack : +498
    accuracy +1%
    Suplex Lv +2

    use suplex to ground, creats earthquake
    Mount hits creates earthquake

    (each hit creates 1500x per mob)

    be warn about watching screen, it makes u dizzy like hell


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    Re: Gaea Crasher (Hell weapon) just for fun

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