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    Rip/22/Florida -Edited-



    Rip/22/Florida -Edited-

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    The name is Rip, I play quite a few characters on DFO. My main is a level 26 Monk which I get shunned upon playing by a LOT of other players. I'm kind of new to "this game", but I have been playing video games/mmo's for 15+ years. (Sad enough I played MapleStory for over 6 years - since beta)

    I've played all of the classes but the female gunner. (No, I am not sexist I just don't like the female gunners they just irritate me)

    Characters: As of today.

    Lvl. 26 Monk
    LittleRipsta: Guildless (3 Day Waiting Period)

    Lvl. 21 Blade Master
    Daigoon: Guildless (3 day waiting period)

    Lvl. 16 Gunner
    restinpiece: Guildless (3 day waiting period)

    Lvl. 10 Slayer
    GetTBagged: FightersLeague

    I have three other character that I hardly play. So, I'm not naming them.

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